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Planning a milestone birthday party in Melbourne?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Whether it’s a sweet sixteen or a massive 50-year birthday party, milestone birthdays are special and worth celebrating with friends and family in Melbourne.

No matter what cultural background one comes from, celebrating a big birthday bash seems to be a universal trend. And with Melbourne being so multi-cultural, there are milestone birthday parties happening here all year round all the time!

So what should you be making sure isn’t missed when you’re planning a milestone birthday party for yourself or your loved ones?


The invitation list might run long if you’re planning your 18thbirthday party, 30thor 70th. So when locking in a venue you want to ensure there is sufficient and space for the guests to party comfortably. You want to ensure there is enough tables and chairs for the elderly to sit and still join in in the fun. You also want to make sure there is a dance floor and a DJ because you never know that uncle of yours might just want to dance for the first time ever. Don’t forget to taste the food and ensure there is plenty of drinks to compensate the festivities! A lot of venues in Melbourne offer packages tailored to milestone birthday parties. They are your best bet because it ensures you don’t have to worry trying to make things perfect.


In this digital age, a lot of people prefer to send party notifications via apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. But some like to break the modern ways of non-personalised invitations and spend a few bucks and time to get it right. Melbourne gives you various options to design and print customized birthday party invitations whether online or in store. So think about how you want to let your friends and family know you’re planning on celebrating your milestone birthday in style?

Melbourne birthday party photography

When you put so much effort in planning your milestone birthday party in Melbourne, you don’t want to forget about hiring the best birthday party photography expert. One who will capture all your special moments and make them timeless. Because who will celebrate a 30thor 70thbirthday again? Hiring a birthday party photographer in Melbourne is the best thing you can do for you and your loved ones when you celebrate your birthday. Visit today to book your photographer for your event.

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